Born in 1977 in Reims (France), Baudoin is a freelance photographer who has been working since 2002 for the French press, particularly fond of his offbeat portraits.
An indoor portrait photographer, he develops his own uniquely distinctive style. Faithful to the medium format film camera, his photographs are recognizable by their square format, by the lighting and a certain extravagance in the staging of his subjects. Sitting, standing or lying, the subject is always captured in his or her personal environment where Baudoin positions himself as an observer whose aim is to unveil – in an extravagant manner – a multitude of details that will reveal as much as a facial expression.

Since 2002 he works with a medium format Hasselblad 503 CWD. If his photographic influences remain classical – Martin Parr, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eliott Erwitt – Baudoin would rather discuss his photographic taste, which evolve significantly depending on the exhibitions and books he is reviewing at the moment (Harry Gruyaert, Arnold Odermatt, Guy Bourdin, Alberto Garcia Alix, Shoji Ueda).
Music also has a great influence in his style, which Baudouin likes rock’n’roll and underground (The Kinks, Motown sound, Lee Hazlewood, Beach Boys).

In 2006, Baudouin decides to explore what he considers to be the ultimate “feminine myth, the icon of elegance and good manners”: the Parisian woman. He meets, photographs and selects their portraits with a passion. In 2012 the fruit of his efforts is presented for the first time under the title “75 Parisiennes” at the gallery Clémentine de la Féronnière, linked to a book publication (co-published with Snoeck).

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