True West

Exhibition True West by Anne Rearick from November 16th to March 14th.

“I was born in 1960 in Boise, Idaho in the American West. Some six decades earlier, in 1896, my great, great grandmother Maggie May Jones travelled from Lenepah, Oklahoma to Idaho with her husband Robert and their two small children in a covered wagon with all of their belongings and a whole lot of dreams. The best memories of my childhood were those summer days spent with Maggie Jones’ grandson, my grandfather, (a doppelgänger for Robert Mitchum) fishing salmon and rainbow trout in his small boat at Arrowrock Dam in the Foothills outside of Boise. Hot dry days and cool desert nights, rodeos, drive-in movies, rootbeer floats at the A+W with carhops on roller skates, drunken family fights, floating the cold Boise River, state fairs, cowboys and Indians, picnics in the park and loaded guns. Although I have not lived in Idaho for more than forty years, it is the place I call home.”

Anne Rearick